4 Slimming Workouts for the Aerobics Room

TAMU students overwhelmingly choose to live at Northpoint Crossing because of the amenities. Here, you have a swimming pool, sauna, rooftop terraces, game room, and a fully-outfitted weight area.

All of which are just outside your apartment door. But also, perhaps most notably for those looking to keep the notorious Freshman 15 at bay and stay in good health, there is the aerobics and multi-purpose room. A workout room complete with spin bikes. Get inspired to take full advantage of this space to get in shape with the following slimming workouts:

4 Workouts for A Slimmer, Healthier You

  • Jumping Rope.  Jumping rope is a killer, yet vastly underappreciated calorie-burning exercise. You’d have to jog for over thirty minutes to work off more calories than you’d burn with ten minutes of jumping rope. That’s because this workout tones both your upper and lower body while quickly boosting your heart rate. It’s also great for brain health because it involves coordination, rhythm, and strategy. So grab the ropes, print out this guide, and get jumping in the aerobics room.
  • Kettlebells.  Kettlebells for Dummies author Sarah Lurie boasts, “A kettlebell workout can be done in half the time of typical workouts and burn twice as many calories… Most kettlebell exercises give you a cardiovascular workout and a full-body strength workout at the same time.” Kettlebells are an inexpensive yet incredibly effective way to burn calories and tone your body. Plus, they are ideal workouts for smaller spaces.
  • Yoga.  There are plenty of great places to unroll a yoga mat at Northpoint Crossing. Get to the rooftop just before dawn and get into your mountain pose as the sun peeks out from the horizon. Or, grab a couple friends and lead a challenging asana session in the aerobics and multi-purpose room.  It doesn’t matter what style of yoga you prefer, this versatile workout provides practitioners with a host of benefits. Such benefits include increased flexibility, improved energy, increased muscle strength and tone, and more.
  • Indoor Cycling.  The on-site aerobics room includes several state-of-the-art spin bikes. Study or listen to your favorite podcast as you enjoy this effective, low-impact workout. Spinning works both your major leg muscles and your abdominal muscles to help you burn those calories and keep your body toned and fit.

Excited to take full advantage of the North Crossing aerobics and multi-purpose room? Stay tuned for future articles about great exercises and workouts you can do here. Plus advice on how to get the most out of the other premier amenities available on-site.