Stylish Bathroom On a Student Budget

The bathroom isn’t the first place you’re going to focus on when styling your student apartment. But putting just a little bit of effort into creating a stylish bathroom will go a long way.

Here are five ways you can have a stylish bathroom on a student budget:

1. Shower Curtain

Upgrading the shower curtain is the first step towards creating a stylish bathroom. There are tons of options at stores like Target that are both affordable and cute. We love this Hello Sunshine Shower Curtain for $16.99. What better way to greet the day than this cheery message from your shower curtain? It’ll make the mornings a bit brighter.

2. Hand Towels

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to add style to your bathroom is hand towels. Plus, having them around prevents guests from drying their hands on your bath towel. We love this Bright Diamond Hand Towel for $6.99. Pick up a few so you’ll be able to change them out on a regular basis! We like to switch ours out daily so that bacteria doesn’t grow on it and cause breakouts.

3. Bath Mat

Stepping out of the shower onto a slippery wet floor is no fun. Neither is using your bath towel to mop up spills. So pick up a bath mat for both style and comfort! Make sure to choose a mat that is 100% cotton and avoid mats with rubber backing. They typically are synthetic fabrics, don’t wash well, and just feel nasty on bare feet. This Striped Mint Bath Rug  for $14.99 is perfect for those reasons and more.

4. Cute Storage

Most rental bathrooms don’t have enough storage. While we think our student apartments are better than the average housing option, we still need cute storage for personal items that we don’t want everyone to see when they walk into our bathroom. Wicker baskets with lids are great options, but we also love this Mint House Cubby for $26.99. Both cute and functional, you can put this on the top of your toilet or counter for extra storage. It’s just the right size for makeup and beauty supplies.

5. Art

Art isn’t something most people think about when styling a bathroom. But it adds so much pop. Styling your first apartment isn’t a moment to duplicate your mom’s “live laugh love” obsession! Pick something funky or quirky, like this Unicorn Plaque for $22.99. In your bathroom, unicorns ARE real. Bonus points if you paint a rainbow on it!

These options we found at Target cost less than $90! And they frequently run specials on home decor via their Cartwheel app, which can bring the cost down even further. The only question that remains…what style will you choose for your apartment?

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