Killer Couples Costumes You Can Enjoy on a Budget

First off, the great thing about couples costumes is that you don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to slay the category. They require simply you and another person willing to go all out in the name of Halloween spirit. This may be your dorm mate, BFF, sorority sis, frat brah, nonsexual soul mate, or even your current hookup.

Our pro tip is simply to chose a second half that’s ready to have fun and dress up. Check out the following ideas for some inspiration:

Killer Couples Costumes for 2016

  • Janet Snakehole & Burt Macklin, FBI

    Couples Costumes of Janet Snakehole & Burt Macklin, FBI

    Janet Snakehole and Burt Macklin, FBI. These two personas are the alter-egos of Parks and Recreation‘s characters April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer.  It works as an A+ costume due to it being recognizable characters dressed up as other recognizable characters. Plus, both outfits are easy and cheap to create. Janet Snakehole appears as an aristocratic widow with a “very terrible secret”. Her look requires a simple white pearl necklace, a besparkled netted veil, wristlet, and black vintage dress. She carries a cigarette holder and plays every part of a dramatic heiress. Burt Macklin is even easier to pull off as it requires just aviator sunglasses and a jacket with “FBI” stitching.

  • Pokemon themes.  Pokemon Go was arguably one of the biggest social phenomenons of 2016. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the very first Pokemon game. So why not carry the love into Halloween? There’s also a ton of room to play around with on this theme, you may even want to grab more of your squad to join in on the costumes. The most obvious pairing is, of course, Pikachu with Ash Ketchum. But then there’s also the possibility of Brock and Nurse Joy, Team Rocket, or your own Team Instinct/Mystic/Valor Trainer.
  • Joyce and the Wall.  Stranger Things costumes are going to be huge this Halloween. But while many will try to recreate Eleven’s belle-and-the-savage look, why not look to go dutch on the theme and do Joyce and the Wall with your BFF? Joyce will take simply some mom clothes with perhaps a corded telephone and/or hatchet for extra effect. Whoever plays the wall needs only Christmas lights and letters. Combined? Instant Halloween hit.

Sure, there will undoubtedly be a lot of people dressing up on these last two themes this year. However, having fun with the aesthetic and making it your own is part of the challenge of couples costumes. Additionally, the repeat looks will give you plenty to talk to no matter where you go to party on Halloween.