Christmas Trees You Can’t Kill

A large part of getting in tune with the holidays — any holiday — involves home decorations. For Christmas, that means busting out the wreaths, red and green sweaters, and of course, setting up the classic Christmas tree. But student life isn’t conducive to keeping the traditional fir tree alive over the holidays.

Are you eager to decorate for the holidays but don’t want a tree that’ll wither and die over the holiday break? Consider the following great non-traditional Christmas trees:

3 Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas

  • Hardback Christmas Tree.  Frustrated that the bookstore won’t take back last semester’s books? Turn those used books into Christmas inspiration by constructing a Hardback Christmas Tree like this one. Start by grabbing as many books as you can gather and a couple of empty boxes. Sort your books by size and shape and use the boxes as an inner core of your non-traditional Christmas tree. Then simply stack your books in a pyramid-like fashion until you’ve reached the top. Use Christmas lights as the perfect final touch.
  • Reclaimed Pallet Tree.  Wood pallets are a staple of the shipping industry, but once they’ve reached their final destination, they generally get tossed out or sold for a couple dollars. This makes them the perfect staple for budget-friendly projects, such as for a non-traditional Christmas tree. All you need is a pallet (or a couple thin boards from the lumber store), a hammer, saw, nails, and some decorating materials. Cut and layer wood pieces along a cross-section so you form a tree-like pattern such as this Pallet Christmas Tree. Then decorate as you see fit! You can drape on the Christmas lights, use stencils or wallpaper for an extra touch, or hang Christmas ornaments from each board.
  • A Ladder Tree. If you’re planning on having a lot of presents under your Christmas tree, or if you have a Christmas-themed display you also want to set up, then this Ladder Christmas Tree might just be the alternative option for you. The basics needed are just a ladder and some boards, but again you can take decorating as far as you want. Add lights and pine cones and pile the wrapped presents high on this functional and aesthetically pleasing faux tree.

Feeling inspired yet? Whether you choose to replicate one of the above non-traditional Christmas trees or have another idea in store, let us known how it goes. Take a picture and add it to the comments!