10 Things Seniors Wish Freshmen Knew

Your freshman year of college is a special type of experience that you can’t ever re-do. It’s a pivotal moment in which you step out from the structure and guidance of high school living to the independence and opportunities of college. Naturally, for many this is equal parts exciting and overwhelming.

Make the most (and get the most) out of your first year at TAMU with the following senior advice:

10 Things Seniors Wish Freshmen Knew

  1. Class attendance matters.  Sure, you can choose to sleep in and skip those classes. After all, your parents aren’t here to check on you and your school isn’t going to call home. But class attendance goes a long way in keeping grades up and professors thinking fondly of you.
  2. Establish healthy eating habits.  Developing bad eating habits in this first stressful year is a good way to mess up your metabolism and sabotage your health. Be conscious now of your daily food intake.
  3. Don’t skip out on sleep.  Sleep is a necessity and five hours of shut-eye is not enough. Aim for 7 to 9 hours a night.
  4. Take professors not just classes.  Research professors just like you would any course as a great professor can make any subject exciting. But even the most exciting subject can be made boring or frustrating by a bad (or mediocre) professor.
  5. Figure out your optimum study habits now.  Every one has a set style, method, and time that makes for their optimum studying. Find out yours now to make the next years of college as productive as possible.
  6. Spend time off campus.  Spend some time exploring College Station, this is about to be your home for the next four (or five years).
  7. Find the student discounts.  To build on that point, find those restaurants and businesses that offer student discounts and put them on your favorite list.
  8. Take advantage of college teams and sports.  Getting the right mix of exercise and social life isn’t always easy. But by taking advantage of a college walk-on intramural team or club sport you can enjoy both. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience, these teams are designed for the newbies.
  9. Roommates aren’t easy, now is the time to learn to be a good one.  Being a good roommate is a learning experience. In the following years, you are also likely to encounter a mix of the best and worst room-sharing experiences. Be patient and establish rules and conflict resolutions early on. This will help in communicating and overcoming roommate problems when they arise (and they will arise).
  10. Less talking, more doing.  This isn’t a dress rehearsal. Take action now.

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