Dorm Room Date Night

Making time for dating isn’t easy during college. Not only do you have a ton of school, social, and extracurricular things on your plate, but dorm living with roommates can make romantic one-on-ones a bit of a challenge. But today we’re here to help! Whether you’re hungry for some tips on a low-stress (but still special) Valentine’s Day or in search of general tips for a successful dorm room date night, you’ve come to the right place.

Sweet & Easy Dorm Room Date Ideas

Musical Duets.  Music is like fertilizer for romance. But you don’t need to be an accomplished musician to apply it. In fact, we recommend this one for couples with little to no musical experience as experts say couples who learn together and try new things grow closer.

So for this one, grab a budget-friendly ukulele or two and your laptop for YouTube instructions and favorite songs. Ukuleles are incredibly easy to learn and with them you can play many pop and country songs. They are also easy to carry and store and aren’t as loud as other instruments, which will please your neighbors. Try starting out with this easy tutorial for “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers.

Dinner and a movie.  There’s a reason why this is a classic. But you don’t have to shell out tons of cash for a restaurant dinner and theater tickets. Have a dinner and film date in your dorm room offers the chance of cooking together. Plus, you can freely talk and flirt without getting hushed by other film lovers.

Upgrade this by making it a theme. For example, if you’re planning on watching a beloved anime flick, get sushi takeout or get the ingredients and roll your own. Not into raw fish? Try this banana “sushi”. Or if you want to do a new rom-com, ditch the dinner table and opt for an indoor picnic. Gather together fruit with cut sandwiches, fruit, and, of course, chocolate. Themes have a way of pulling things together and transforming a basic “Netflix and Chill” into a special event that’s planned and looked forward to.

Create together.  Arts and crafts never gets old. In fact, they can make you feel young and alive. That’s because crafting release special chemicals in your brain that boost your happiness in the same way that falling in love does.

The trick to successfully doing crafts together is to center on something you both love. Are you both plant and garden lovers? Try a terrarium creation. Love action figures or similar collectible items? Create a unique DIY lamp. Want to use your tools and paintbrushes? Go big with a wood pallet coffee table build.

Whichever of these date night ideas or others you choose, the best relationship tip here is to tailor plants to fit both your lives. Whether you define your couple-ness by the quiet times together, the wild nights out, or the fun nights in, focus on what makes you both happy together.