Easy Tailgate Food for Football Season

Ah, fall. The season of pumpkin spice and the start of a new school session. Which means, it’s Texas A&M football and tailgating season. We’re here to help you become the party star of Northpoint Crossing with easy tailgate food!

With the start of football season comes an opportunity for tailgating greatness. If you’re new to the TAMU scene, then one of the most important sports-oriented things you need to know about our school is that it has been consistently declared as the nation’s No. 1 college tailgating destination.

Now’s your chance to celebrate the team and whip up one (or more) of the following delicious and easy tailgate foods for the next pregaming extravaganza:

  • BLT Hot Dogs with Caraway Remoulade. Ignore the fancy label and focus on the idea of hot dogs wrapped with smoky bacon and smothered with creamy remoulade. Yep, this is a guaranteed tailgating hit, and it’s much easier to prepare than you might think. Just check out this simple recipe that can created in under thirty minutes. Take notice that this version of the classic grillable is a bit messy, so be sure to pack extra plates and napkins.
  • Fried Pickles with Spicy Mayonnaise (or Ranch). Finger foods are always a crowd favorite at tailgating and similar types of events.Bernell “Fatman” Austin was the first to popularize the dish in Atkins, Arkansas, now home to the annual Picklefest. Despite our favorite recipe for this coming from New York chef Zak Pelaccio, this is undeniably a southern treat.  Pelaccio’s panko-crusted recipe provides for an extra-crisp finish that’s easy to grab and snack, but we like to skip its pairing recommendation of spicy mayo and go for the ranch. YMMV.
  • Low Country Shrimp Boil. If you are going to be serving a crew of 10, 15, or more, then there simply is no better way to go than with the classic Louisiana Low Country Shrimp Boil. For a tailgate party, it’s best to cut everything up, such as the potatoes, onions, and sausage, prior to arriving at the tailgate (or having friends come over) so that you can then cook it all up over a single burner. This also makes it easy for others to contribute; just ask your friends to bring over their favorite sausage or extra shrimp and crawfish to add them to the pot as needed.

Have your own favorite tailgate recipe? Tell us about it!