Easy Yard Games

One of the best aspects of staying on-campus at the student housing complex is being surrounded by other students. And so when you need a study break, there are plenty of other students ready to join you outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, some grilled eats, and much-needed socializing.

Why not throw a yard game into the mix to amp up the fun and encourage even the most resolute wallflower to join in?

Consider these outdoor games that are cheap, easy to set up, and great for socializing:

  • Cornhole. Also known as Bag Toss, this simple game is played with two boards set apart. Each board has a hole at its top-center and the goal is for you or your team to toss as many of your 4 bags into that hole. Points are earned both by getting your bag into the hole and knocking opponent’s bags off the board. You can buy the game’s set-up at nearly any general retailer or make one using this easy how-to.
  • Ladder Ball. Also coyly referred to as Redneck Golf, the game requires just a ladder and a set of bollos (can be made with golf balls and strings). Each ladder is assigned a different point value and the game can be played a couple different ways based on those points. For example, you could Blackjack rules and have the goal be 21, or you can simply have the person/team with the highest points win. Like Cornhole, you can either buy a version or get DIY with PVC.
  • Rollors. This is somewhat of a new game and it isn’t one that can be easily reproduced, however, its ease of storage and set-up and simple game play has lent it to rapidly becoming a massive hit on college campuses. Rollors combines horseshoe with bocce ball, with the simple goal of the game being to get your (your team’s) Rollor disk to the game’s goal post. You can grab your own set on the company’s website or a sports retailer like Dicks.
  • Bocce Ball. Of course, you could also skip the new-age refit and go for the classic Bocce Ball game. This outdoor game has been a hit since it first originated in Ancient Rome and is sure to be a favorite no matter where you pull it out. However, the importance of ball weight does make this more expensive and cumbersome to lug around.

Let us know what yard games you’re playing in the Northpoint Crossing common areas!