Squad Goals: Throw a Galentine’s Dinner Party

Love is a wonderful thing, but on February 14th it can be a downer if you’re single. If you’re not in the mood to Netflix and chill by yourself, we’ve got you covered with some helpful tips for hosting a Galentine’s dinner party.

Popularized by the exuberant Leslie Knope of the hit show Parks & Recreation, Galentine’s Day is the younger, prettier, more single version of Valentine’s Day. It’s all about taking a day off from the boys and celebrating the friendships you have with your lady squad.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas to make your Feb. 13 Galentine’s dinner party a great success:

  • Personalize those invitations. Step away from Facebook. This is an event celebrating the uniqueness of your friends and the sense of companionship they bring into your life. As such, it deserves a bit more attention to the recipient than just an alert. You can choose either e-mail or snail mail, but have fun with it and, if your girlfriends aren’t familiar with the Knope holiday, be sure to double underscore the ‘no boys allowed’ clause at the Galentine’s dinner party. For a creative touch on the traditional, consider some of these Etsy ideas.
  • Pack in some party favors. Okay, so few mortals will ever live up to the overproductive dream-machine that is Leslie Knope. A few of her Galentine’s dinner party party favors included mosaic portraits and 5,000 word essays illuminating each pal’s awesomeness. Here in the real world, your girl friends are likely going to be more than satisfied with rounds of laughter and mimosas. But packing in some party favors, like simple gift bags filled with candy and lipstick, is a great way to add an extra party touch.
  • Break out the games. Not Monopoly (never Monopoly). Have a group of more than four? Mixing friend groups? Party games a great way to open up conversation and break out the laughs at your Galentine’s dinner party. Turn into crazy cat ladies with this 3D Deck of Cat Cards, drink mystery wine with Bottle Bracket, or get to know your friends a little bit better with Never Have I Ever. Before picking a game, consider your friends and choose one fitting their personalities.

Photo by Brooke Cagle

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