Quick Graduate Checklist

Worried you spent more of your senior enjoying the social benefits rather than the scholarly ones? You’re not alone. Many seniors drag their heels when it comes to preparing for what will come after they get off the commencement stage. But that date is getting any further way and when it comes to getting ready, now is better than tomorrow.

Plus, it just takes a few baby steps to get the ball rolling on success. Consider the following quick graduate checklist to help you get back on track:

The Three Must-Dos of a Graduate Checklist

  • Get those recommendations now.  Whether you plan on going straight into the workforce, graduating into grad school, or even spending a year traveling Asian countrysides, go get your recommendations now. Talk to your favorite professors, TAs, and other scholars you’ve worked with over the last few years. Have them draft a letter a recommendation while your unique skills, aptitude, and personality are fresh in their mind.
  • Write, rewrite, and perfect your resume.  Take a weekend and dedicate it to reflecting upon your college career and drafting several forms of your perfect resume. Consider some of the biggest projects and most defining moments. Once you have an outline of a good resume, open up another doc and start typing up your thoughts of what you want to do next. Tailor a few different resume drafts to fit those perfect positions and places you have in mind.
  • Do some QC on your social profiles.  Snapchat and WhatsApp are definitely social godsends for their focus on privacy. Unfortunately, not all social media platforms are so… easily forgetful of our impromptu thoughts and actions. You’re about to hit the professional world which means you’re in need of a professional online profile. Do a purge of your general accounts and everything you don’t want seen by future employers and HR managers is protected behind stringent privacy settings. Google your name and do what you can to ensure only those results that reflect positively on you come up. Or, if nothing comes up, depending upon your desired line of work, consider starting a blog, website, or SEO-enriched LinkedIn so you do show up.

So are you ready to take that walk? What are you most nervous about in regards to your impending graduation? Sound off on social media and don’t forget to tag us!