Halloween Door Decor

Doors aren’t just for security, they’re portals to your domain. And a blank canvas just waiting for your decorating genius to touch. With Halloween right around the corner, you have a perfect excuse to get into dorm decor and see for yourself how much of a difference a decorated threshold can make.

Not sure how to get started? Consider the following tips, tricks, and inspiration:

Getting in the Spirit with Halloween Door Decor

  • Mummy :: A great mummy door decor can be done as simply as this example where all you need is streamers and black and white construction paper. Wrap the streamers around your door as tightly as possible, cut out four circles, and ta-da! You have a mummy. For those of you who are a bit more ambitious, try out this more thematic approach.
  • Witch & Broom :: Want to make your Halloween door decor a bit extra? Check out this crafty model of a witch crashing into a door. This one will take a bit of time to recreate, but it isn’t too challenging. Start by cutting out a plywood base and paint it matte black. Then glue pieces of foam core along the edges to simulate broken plaster around a dark hole. Finish the look off with by mounting a pair of mannequin legs donned with old stockings and thrift store boots.
  • Giant Furry Monster :: This is another simple door decor that is ideal for those who love textures. Start with some furry fabric (fabric stores tend to have large supplies come Halloween) and cut out enough to cover your door. Then, same as with the mummy, cut out cartoonish eyes to glue on for a hidden-in-the-dark look.
  • An Eyeball.  You don’t have to decorate the entire facade of your door to make a visual impact. Consider this unique Halloween door decoration of a piercing blue eye that stares at passerbys. To create your own, all you’ll need is an antique frame, bright green cloth, and an eyeball from a Halloween store. If you can’t find the size eyeball you need, paint one using a table top tennis ball sort of like this.

Of course, this is by no means the only list of possibilities. From bats to the undead, the Halloween season has plenty of themes to build from. Let us know how your door turned out by tagging us on Instagram!