How to Make Friends at College

Making new friends is a tricky situation at any point in your life and doing it at college is no exception. Luckily there are tons of ways to branch out and meet people. Here are our favorite places and tips for how to make friends at college!

Befriend your roommate(s)

This is really obvious, but it needs to be said. You’re going to be living in close quarters for a full year. If that’s not a friendship building exercise, I don’t know what is. Also, RAs organize events specifically for you to meet and hang out with people in your building. A sad RA is bad for everyone so go.

Join a club

There is literally a club for anything and everything at your college. I promise. Are you into politics? Music? Star Wars? There’s a club for it. If you try one for a while and it doesn’t really fit, you can always just stop and try something else. That’s perfectly ok. The club police aren’t going to come for you.

Play a sport

Sports are a great, fast way to build relationships with new people. You don’t need to be a pro either. Intramural sports are there for people who just enjoy playing as a team. Not into traditional sports? Most schools even have Quidditch teams.

Get a part-time job on campus

Any part-time job will help you meet new people, but an on-campus job has a few perks. They’ll be more willing to work with your class schedule, all of your coworkers will be students too, and you’ll get a steady paycheck. Bonus: commiserating about customers or your boss is the easiest and fastest way to make friends at work.

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