Instant Ramen Upgrades

We’ll be honest, we weren’t the healthiest of college students. We pretty much subsisted on instant ramen, popcorn and candy bars offered free from the bookstore. But we’ve learned a LOT about nutrition since then. No item was consumed more than instant noodles, especially after a Friday night out with friends. While ramen is tasty, it’s not exactly the most nutritious. So we thought we would share what we’ve learned post-college about upgrading instant ramen to a meal your mom would actually approve of.

Basic: Add protein

If you start with adding protein, you’ll make it a more filling and healthier meal. Not an expert in the kitchen? Make this even easier by buying pre-cooked grilled chicken in the frozen or deli section.

Basic: Add veggies

Adding veggies to ramen is just basic. But usually the idea of dicing up a carrot or chopping an onion is too, too much after a long day at class. Did you know frozen veggies are just as healthy as fresh? We love peas and corn because they’re affordable. Just throw in a handful or two while you’re boiling the noodles. If you’re just not that into frozen, you can also get pre-chopped veggies from the fresh produce section.

Level Up: Add spice

While chicken and beef ramen are pretty comforting flavors, sometimes you need a little junk in the trunk. The easiest way to do that is add a little hot sauce. This shouldn’t be a problem for the average Texan! But ramen calls for something other than Tabasco. We suggest Green Dragon from Trader Joe’s or classic Sriracha!

Level Up: Add greens

Cabbage, kale, spinach, and green onions have all been successfully tried and approved for ramen upgrades. Cabbage makes it chow mein, spinach makes it egg-drop-ish, and so on. The greener and leafier the better! They’re full of magnesium, folate, and potassium. All vitals for great energy, mental health, and memory.

Expert: Make it a salad

Ramen can Whenever we have a craving for crunchy and savory salad, we head on over to Pinterest, our go-to source for recipes. There are TONS of recipes there, from strawberry+spinach+ramen to avocado+fava beans+ramen.