Five Benefits of Living Off-Campus at TAMU

northpoint clubhouse

College is an exciting and pivotal time of life for many young adults.

One factor that will play a significant role in your college experience is whether you live on-campus or off-campus. Here are five benefits of living off-campus at Texas A&M.

Greater Independence

Living off-campus provides greater independence. You’ll be able to have guests over on your schedule and without asking permission, and you’ll be able to come and go as you please. You’ll be able to have gatherings of friends in your apartment without a curfew. In some communities, such as Northpoint Crossing, you’ll also be able to have cats or dogs.

Learning Valuable Life Lessons

Having greater independence helps prepare you for life after graduation. When you rent an apartment, you’ll learn to understand contracts and develop a relationship with your management firm. You’ll learn to grocery shop, cook, clean, and manage a budget. You’ll also begin to build a rental history; if you are a good tenant, you’ll have a reference to use when applying for an apartment after graduation.

Decide What Kind of Neighborhood Makes Sense for Your Lifestyle

College Station has a lot to offer, and when you choose to live off-campus, you get to pick the neighborhood that makes the most sense for you. If you want to still stay close to campus, there are plenty of options that can keep you within walking distance to your classes while still providing the benefits of living off-campus.

At Northpoint Crossing, you can live the Texas A&M dream within a short walk to campus.

More Space and Privacy

Dorm rooms are typically small, and, in most cases, you’ll share the room with a roommate. You’ll also often share a bathroom with one to three other students.

One of the benefits of off-campus housing is that you can choose to rent the whole apartment by yourself, giving you space to spread out in your living area and enjoy your meals in a spacious modern kitchen. You can also decorate the apartment to your taste. Or, you can save money by sharing the common areas, such as the living room and kitchen, with two to three other students. Having an adult-like space makes sharing with roommates easier. Whether you share or rent by yourself, you’ll have your bedroom and bathroom.

Access to Amenities

Apartment communities typically have amenities in a residence hall that you won’t find. At Northpoint Crossing, these include two resort-style pools and a state-of-the-art fitness center, including a spin studio, study rooms, computer labs, outdoor courtyards, game rooms, saunas, and a 24-hour clubhouse.

The apartments are furnished and well-appointed. They include washers and dryers, ample storage, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances.

Determining whether to live off-campus is a complex decision and varies with the individual. However, the benefits of off-campus living are considerable. Living off campus can save you money, give you more independence and life experience, and provide more space and amenities.