Best Places to Picnic in College Station

Summer solstice happens this year on Wednesday, June 21. This will be the longest day of the year and, because of it marking midsummer, it’s an event that has been celebrated by hundreds of cultures throughout the ages.

Celebrate it this year by being outdoors and sharing a picnic with your closest friends. Consider the following great College Station locations to flip out a blanket for summer fun:

5 Best Places to Picnic in College Station

  1. Sugarloaf College Station.  Start the summer solstice right from the start with a pre-dawn hike up College Station’s sole ‘mountain’. Then, lay out your picnic blanket and feast your eyes on the brilliant colors at sunrise. Sugarloaf Mountain is also a top pick for sunsets and stargazing.
  2. Brison Park.  Brison Park is a hidden gem in College Station’s Southside Historic District. Despite its smallish size, it is always teeming with songbirds (home to 27 warblers). This paired with its backdrop of old oak trees and gurgling creek make it a great place for an outdoor escape. Plus, it is just a short walk away from Northpoint Crossing.
  3. Lick Creek Park.  The 500-acre park in the Brazos Valley offers a variety of shady paths, bridges, and grassy areas. All of which are perfect for enjoying outdoor refreshments. Lick Creek Park also boasts equestrian and biking trails.
  4. Lake Bryan.  Lake Bryan has a lot of grassy areas for people to hang out at and relax waterside under the shade of oak trees. If you prefer your picnics with hot dogs, hamburgers, and other grillings at center stage, then you’ll appreciate all of the established grilling centers and tables here. And if you’d rather just set up a blanket on the shoreline, have at it!
  5. Research Park.  Honestly, this is probably one of the best aspects of College Station living. Best of all, the park is only two-and-a-half miles away from Northpoint Crossing — a.k.a. a beautiful bike ride away. Established by Texas A&U University in 1982, Research Park has something for everyone, including a ton of great picnic backdrops. Ponds inhabited by a variety of fish and waterfowl dot the landscape. Set up your summer solstice picnic here for some birdwatching with your eats. Or feast at the edge of the onsite 18-hole disc golf course and go golfing after morning mimosas.

College Station is remarkable for having a great number of green places to escape to. Whether you choose to throw out a spread at Lake Bryan, Lick Creek Park, or somewhere else, we hope you enjoy your time outdoors! Let us know of any other secret green spaces you might recommend for others seeking nature escapes.