How to Upgrade Your Basic Pool Party

All apartments and student housing centers are not created equal. In the hot days of June, there are few things students want more than easy pool access. At Northpoint Crossing, residents have not just one but two pools to celebrate summer in. And really, isn’t it time to officially kick off the start of summer?

Take advantage of Northpoint Crossing’s amenities and show your friends and fellow residents a great time with a pool party. Just consider the following tips for best effects:

How to Upgrade Your Basic Pool Party at Northpoint Crossing

  • Choose an appropriate time. Talk with the Northpoint Crossing resident managers to nail down a good time. In general, because summer classes are back in session, you’ll probably find the most success with a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Don’t forget the music (or the sunscreen). Music is the magic ingredient that really transforms a pool atmosphere into a party center. Make sure your iPhone has a waterproof case and grab some Bluetooth speakers to set up a little self-DJ station.
  • Correlate photos with a hashtag.  If you love Instagram, consider setting out a sign with the party’s hashtag to make it easier to look at everyone’s photos later. This is especially a good idea if the party happens to coincide with a friend’s birthday or grad celebrations.
  • Grab the grillables.  Swimming can really get an appetite going. Keep your guests filled and ready for a round two by stocking up on grillables before the party. There are several outdoor grills for use at Northpoint Crossing. Of course, if you really aren’t the cooking kind of person, you can always just opt to gather money and order pizza for delivery.
  • Have some pool activities or games ready. Sure, some people are content just to mingle. But to get people laughing and engaged, you’ll want to have some pool acvitives or games in mind. This could be as simple as having a water volleyball (or basketball) set set-up or as involved as a frozen t-shirt contest. Check out this blog to get inspired with swimming pool games. You can keep things interesting on the pool deck with something like an oversized Jenga set.

Stop Reading and Start Swimming!

From swimming pools to rooftop terraces, exercise facilities, and grilling stations, Northpoint Crossing has all the amenities a college student might want. So why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of them? Go set-up that June pool party and splash into summer!