Reasons to Tee Up at TAMU’s Golf Course

Northpoint Crossing student apartments sit at the heart of College Station and just a few blocks away from TAMU’s most prominent buildings and amenities. One amenity that many particularly love being near is The Campus Course at Texas A&M. With beautiful greens and fairways, this is a great course for both the beginner and the tournament-tested golfer.

What’s that? You’ve never golfed? Golfing is one of the world’s oldest sports, having started in Scotland more than 400 years ago. It certainly has evolved over recent years but many of the reasons to play have stayed the same. Check out these great reasons why maybe it’s time for you to meander down the Campus Course and try a few rounds for yourself:

3 Reasons You Should Start Playing Golf

  • Health & Fitness :: Sure, it isn’t quite the same type of exercise benefits you’ll get out of a weekly spin class, but a good game of golf can provide players with some great fitness possibilities. While how many calories you burn will depend a lot on your unique height, weight, and activity level, the average golfer can expect to burn just under 1,500 calories per 18 holes of golf in they walk it. Note that if you go to the Campus Course on weekends they will require you to use a golf cart due to how busy it gets.
  • Meet New Friends & Networking Possibilities :: The Campus Course regularly holds tournaments (both more fun-oriented and competition-based ones) and other social activities that are a great way to meet new people. Once you’re ready to move on from College Station, you’ll find that the vast majority of golf courses in the United States are hungry for young and eager members. Joining local clubs are a great way to network and meet new friends wherever you go.
  • Gain Some Business Leverage :: The pop culture depiction of golf as a businessman’s game is not wrong. An incredible 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs play golf and 80% of those executives say playing golf enables them to establish new business relationships. Learning the game and getting started now in your college years is an excellent way to develop your skills and become familiar with terminology before you go on to your post-college career. Then, if you’re looking to move up the business ladder (and this is true as much for journalist majors as economy ones), knowing how to play a good game of golf is in your best interest.

Time for You to Tee Up

Of course, there’s also the simple fun factor of the sport. For many, golfing is a fun, challenging, and peaceful past time. Although it still may not appeal to you. If you absolutely hate the sport, that’s okay too! But we do suggest at least trying it out a few times as you never know what you’ll fall in love with until you try it out for yourself. Besides, golf is certainly worth at least a test run with so many advantages. So grab a friend or two and head down to the Campus Course on your next day off!