Staying Motivated Post-Break

Le sigh. That beautiful, week-long respite of Spring Break is over. Instead of beach parties and long tubes down the Guadalupe, it’s time for alarm clocks and lecture halls. This period between the end of spring break and the start of summer can arguably be the most difficult for students to stay motivated and on top of projects.

Consider the following tips to help you stay focused and motivated during these final weeks:

Strategies for Post-Break School Success

  • Get back into a steady routine.  Even if you spent the entire week binging on your favorite Netflix videos, getting back into the routine of things is tough. However, putting together a strict schedule and adhering to it will help you get right back into the swing of things. Even small routines like studying at the same place and time every day can significantly help you retain focus and stay motivated. If you’re naturally adverse to a schedule or not a morning person, this can be REALLY difficult. So start with a simple and gentle morning routine of activities you enjoy, like a cup of coffee in bed or sun salutations by the pool.
  • Stick to a healthy diet.  Toss out the potato chips and start stocking your refrigerator with healthy food options. If you’re detoxing from a high sugar or alcohol heavy break, your body will struggle with energy. So eat lots of vegetables and fruits to stay energized and nourished. Also, remember to drink plenty of water to keep fatigue at bay.
  • Grab friends and create a support network.  You don’t have to go it alone! The same people who kicked it with you on the beaches of South Padre Island are likely just in need of some study help as you. Use your classmates and friends as a post-spring break sound-off board to vent, swap notes, and encourage each other to stay motivated for end-of-term success. Plus,
  • Give yourself something to look forward. Finally, you don’t have to kill off all fun during these last six weeks or so. Schedule in some mini-rewards and off-school activities to help you stay motivated and feeling good about where you are. Get a good grade on a paper? Treat yourself to your favorite restaurant. Successfully navigate a stressful week at your part-time job? Enjoy a weekend out by the lake or with friends.

Have your own strategies for post-spring break success? Sound off in the comments and good luck getting your college groove back!