4 Easy Ways to Update Your Student Apartment

The standard student apartment is notorious for being small and uninspiring. And while some might be content with the mantra of ‘it’s just one year’, updating your space and making it fit your style will go a long way in improving your state of mind. After all, clutter has been scientifically shown to negatively impact a person’s ability to focus and process information.

So before you hit the books or host a party, take a weekend off and implement some of these cheap and easy ways to update your student apartment:

  • Make your own headboard. If you’re anything like most college-aged adults, your bed is likely your best friend. Few things are more enjoyable than stretching out and sleeping in after a crazy freshman party or brain-draining senior exam. Unfortunately, bed frames can be outrageously expansive (with even the cheapest models clocking in at a couple hundred). But with a little creativity and some fancy fabric, you can enjoy something like this DIY tapestry headboard. Or grab the tools and go for the pallet wood accent.
  • Change up the lighting. A standard student apartment is generally dominated by harsh florescent lighting that’s reminiscent of blinding elementary school lunchrooms. Upgrading and replacing such lighting options is the number one easy way to improve the ambiance of your student apartment. Start by heading to the local thrift store to seeking out some inspirational lamps or quirky chandeliers. Or if you’re more modern-styled, head to an outlet shop for sleeker finishings. Next, layer your lighting for a perfect balance to use ambient lights for the main source of illumination, task lights for specific spots, and accent lights to add a touch of beauty.
  • Use walls to your advantage. Mounting floating shelves onto the walls in your student apartment is a great way to utilize the space to its greatest potential. Consider re-purposing plastic milk crates to create a unique shelf system for just a couple dollars. There are tons of options for hooks that won’t put holes in the walls.
  • Add a splash of green. Plants are a great addition to any student apartment due to their abilities to both add beauty and functionality to a space. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and other toxins that contribute to negative health effects, such as headaches and drowsiness, and release mood and body-boosting oxygen. Don’t have a green thumb? Check out maintenance-easy succulent houseplants, or as a recent Utah news article called them, ‘the perfect ‘pets’ for busy college students’.

Photo by Clark Street Mercantile.

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