Spruce Up Your Student Apartment with Succulents

In February, College Station gets that rainy post-winter gloom that can make everything (and everyone) feel a bit dour. Our best suggestion for not letting the weather melancholy get to you is to brighten up the indoors with some living greenery. Plants are great for reducing stress and creating an environment of well-being (just check out TAMU’s own study on the subject).

But what plant should you choose? Our top pick is the succulent variety.

That’s because succulents just might be the greatest plants of all time. They’re cheap (sub $5 at many a home and garden shop), come in all shades and sizes, are incredibly low maintenance (brown thumb? no problem), and have planters to meet just about every interior style.

4 Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Apartment with Succulents

  • It’s in a book.  Frustrated the bookstore won’t take back your college textbooks? Take out that frustration and upcycle books into a DIY book planter. This project makes for great table and desk decor and will last a long time so long as there is a plastic barrier between soil and page.
  • Give me an A.  Create planters in the shape of your initials (or ‘A’ for Aggieland) for a personalized take on succulent gardening. Those who are a tiny bit handier and a lot more ambitious can start this project from scratch or use this tutorial on how to create a living wall piece from a manufactured letter.
  • Living wreath.  If you like the idea of a living wall piece but aren’t keen on using letters, then when about a more classically looking succulent wreath? You can put together a similar wreath for under $20 worth of materials and it’ll stay alive for years to come. Hang it on the outside of your front door to show off your love of the green. Or above your desk for green-spiration during those long study hours.
  • A Glass House.  Terrariums are a classic way to display succulents and other air plants. These self-contained gardens are ideal for showing off a variety of colors and personal touches. The curved glass walls also help make plants require even less maintenance. There are a ton of great guides on this that range from the simple to the more intricate.

Worried you’re going to kill off your new creations? Don’t; succulents are remarkably resilient and don’t need a ton of water. If you skip watering days they can and will rebound. Experiment and find the right mix for you!