TAMU Campus Dorms & Housing Guide 2022

Texas A&M University’s flagship College Station campus is home to over 67,000 students, including more than 53,000 undergraduates hailing from all over Texas and 44 U.S. states.

The incoming Fall 2021 freshman class had 11,464 students who now call College Station home. The size and continued growth of Texas A&M University have made College Station one of the largest student housing markets in the country. Housing comes at a premium when tens of thousands of students are competing for bed spaces in both on and off-campus housing. To help sort through the options of on and off-campus housing and the benefits of each, here’s a rundown on Texas A&M University dorms and housing options for the upcoming 2022 school year. 

TAMU Dorm Locations

Texas A&M offers on-campus housing for around 11,000 students. On-campus housing at the College Station campus comes in the form of either residence halls or university apartments. Residence halls are traditional dorms with shared living and bathroom spaces that come in six different styles.

Hullabaloo Hall offers a variety of living options, with convenient access to resources available on the first floor of the building.

The available residence halls are:

  • Hullabaloo Hall
    • 306 University Drive, College Station, TX 77840
    • A variety of room and living options are available
    • The residence hall focused on integrating social and academic experiences
  • Commons Halls
    • Two roommates in a room, a shared bath, and two suitemates
    • 4 different halls of this type on-campus
  • Modular Halls
    • Rooms with a private bathroom shared by two roommates
    • 11 different halls of this type on-campus
  • Balcony Halls
    • Exterior hallways, two roommates in a room, a shared bath, and two suitemates
    • 4 different halls of this type on-campus
  • Corridor Halls
    • Shared accommodations for two roommates in a single unit
    • 3 different halls of this type on-campus
  • Ramp Halls
    • Shared accommodations within the most historic buildings on campus
    • 2 different halls of this type on-campus

In addition to the residence hall dormitories, Texas A&M University also manages two on-campus apartment buildings. These apartment complexes offer 1, 2, and 4-bedroom apartments for around 2,100 students who are looking for an alternative to residence hall living. They offer more flexible lease terms than residence halls, which is a great option for those who are studying abroad or staying on-campus for summer school, but space is limited. The two on-campus apartment complexes are:

  • The Gardens Apartments
    • University Dr. & South College Ave. near the Engineering Complex.
    • Single or married students or those with families. 
    • Sophomore classification and up.
    • 1 or 2 students per bedroom with 1 and 2 bedroom floor plans
  • White Creek Apartments
    • West Campus near the Agriculture and Life Science Buildings
    • Single students. 
    • Freshman classification and up.
    • 1 student per bedroom with 1, 2, and 4 bedroom floor plans

The third on-campus housing option at Texas A&M University is Corps Housing, for members of the Corps of Cadets. This housing is available across 12 different resident halls. Members of the Corps of Cadets must live in one of the Corps residence halls, all of which are located in the Corps of Cadets Quad. 

TAMU On-Campus Dorm Costs

Rates have not been finalized for on-campus housing at Texas A&M University for the 2022-2023 school year, but the University has released proposed rates for future and current residents to consider for their housing costs. Residence halls vary by dorm-type and room arrangement and are billed by the semester.

These costs are:

  • Hullabaloo Hall: $4,792 – $6,404 per semester
  • Commons Halls: $3,857 – $3,969 per semester
  • Modular Halls: $3,857 per semester
  • Balcony Halls: $2,620 – $4,073 per semester
  • Corridor Halls: $2,620 – $4,073 per semester
  • Ramp Halls: $2,184 – $3,290per semester

On-campus apartment communities rent by the month or by the semester depending on the complex. The rents listed below are per person per bedroom and can vary if students opt to rent an entire apartment. 

  • The Gardens Apartments: $773 – $1,007/person/month
  • White Creek Apartments: $4,447 – $5,979/person/semester 

The University has a flat rate for Cadets living in the halls of the Corps of Cadets Quad:

  • Corps of Cadets Halls: $3,084 per semester

The rates are just for housing and do not include meal plans, which are common for students who live on-campus. For information about meal plan options and pricing, visit the Texas A&M University Dining website

Benefits of Living On-Campus at TAMU

Living on-campus is a great option for first-year students looking to acclimate themselves to college life. Texas A&M University encourages all students to consider on-campus housing to further the college experience through the friendships made and additional educational, cultural, and recreational programs offered in the residence halls and through the living-learning communities.

On-campus housing is limited, and therefore not all students who want to live in a residence hall or on-campus apartment at Texas A&M are able to secure a space. Students interested in on-campus housing must apply, and applications are based on the academic term, payment type (semester/monthly), and housing type (apartment or residence hall). Once accepted, room assignments are based largely on priority date – which is defined as the date the housing application, including fee, is received – so students are advised to apply well in advance to secure a space and the best room selection. All incoming freshmen must be admitted to Texas A&M University prior to applying for on-campus housing. 

Can TAMU Students Live Off-Campus?


Texas A&M University allows students to live off-campus, as there is no on-campus housing requirement, even for first-year students.

There are a plethora of off-campus options located close to campus that allow new and returning students access to amenity-filled student housing communities within walking distance of campus.

On-campus housing is strongly encouraged for first-year students, but spaces are limited and the University cannot accommodate all first-year students who want to live on-campus. Thankfully, there are a plethora of off-campus options located close to campus that allow new and returning students access to amenity-filled student housing communities within walking distance of campus. 

Benefits of Living Off-Campus at TAMU

Students who opt to live off-campus have a greater selection of housing to choose among, including both purpose-built student housing and traditional apartment complexes. Purpose-built student housing communities offer individual lease agreements that align with the academic calendar, usually running mid-August through the end of July. An individual lease agreement means students are only responsible for their own rent – not the rent for any roommates they may have. Individual lease agreements almost always require a guarantor – usually a parent or guardian – who is providing some financial guarantee that the rent will be paid since most students do not have the credit or income to qualify on their own. 

Traditional apartment complexes offer a joint-and-several lease agreement, where all roommates are on the same lease and are therefore jointly responsible for the monthly rent. These complexes are usually at a slightly lower cost than student housing, but students are financially liable for their roommates’ rent payments and the lease terms do not always align with the university school schedule. 

Off-Campus Housing at Northpoint Crossing

Northpoint Crossing is a student housing midrise community located on the northeast corner of the Texas A&M University campus that offers fully-furnished studio, one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments. Northpoint Crossing is packed with amenities and offers Texas A&M students two onsite resort-style pools, a newly renovated 24-hour fitness center, study rooms, and an expansive resident lounge in the new clubhouse. 

Northpoint Crossing offers TAMU students two resort-style pools, a 24-hour fitness center, study rooms, and an expansive clubhouse with a resident lounge.

Residents of Northpoint Crossing are within walking distance of the University, as well as nearby retail and restaurant areas along University Drive. For information on availability, roommate matching, and current specials for Fall 2022 housing, contact the team at Northpoint Crossing today at (979) 314-0823!