Tips for Sharing the Fridge

Northpoint Crossing’s student apartments come with a ton of amenities. Here, you get private bedrooms features walk-in closets with in-room washer and dryer. Plus there’s pre-installed high-speed wireless internet with all the hardware you need to get connected from day one. But perhaps one of the best in-room amenities is a fully stocked kitchen complete with modern appliances. This includes a large refrigerator with ice maker and dishwasher for less complaining about dirty dishes.

Of course, even a dishwasher won’t wash away all the little disagreements that are a part of living with roommates. The following are a few good refrigerator rules to help keep the peace between roommates:

3 Great Rules for Fridge Sharing

  • Separate the fridge symmetrically.  Keeping refrigerator shelves as symmetrical as possible allows the interior space to be divided equally and fairly among roommates. While of course there will be some overlap, having established zones will ensure everyone has place to put their groceries and are responsible for maintaining those groceries (like throwing out that rotten tomato).
  • Use the door as communal space.  Once you have the interior figured out, consider the benefits of making the door a communal space. This is the ideal spot for things like condiments, coffee creamer, and other more share-worth items. An established communal section keeps the more personal areas from becoming cluttered and helps foster good roommate vibes. Just make sure you have an agreed policy in place for who whose responsibility it is to replace used items.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no (and listen when others say back off).  Of course, not everyone wants to share every condiment. Maybe your aunt makes you homemade barbecue sauce or you like to splurge on organic soy creamer. Whatever the case, don’t be afraid to say that something is absolutely not sharable. Just be sure to communicate that with your roommates. Do this verbally first and later, if absolutely necessary, grab a sharpie and some tape to make it clear. Don’t forget that this also goes both ways and yes, your roommate absolutely notice is there is a spoonful missing from her favorite ice cream tub.

You might be surprised at how tense things can get around the fridge. Maybe one person hates having their milk used or someone else takes WAY too long to clean out their perishables. Following the above tips are a great way to establish good ground rules for a happier and healthier roommate relationship.