Workouts 101: The Body Weight Circuit

Workouts 101: The Body Weight Circuit

One such amenity that is particularly useful for those trying to outmaneuver the notorious Freshman 15 or for those sophomores trying to bust up their undergrad weight gain and stay fit throughout the winter, is the onsite workout facility and a weight room. This multipurpose area has all the state-of-the-art exercise tools and equipment to keep you on target with your fitness goals.

That said, if you are just getting started with working out, sometimes less is more. Bodyweight circuits are an excellent beginner workout routine and require no extra equipment. This style of exercise uses just your body weight to burn fat and build muscle. It’s particularly an ideal program to use as a warm-up or to prepare you for a more rigorous body and muscle workout.

Reasons to Love Body Weight Circuits

  • Each exercise in the bodyweight circuit utilizes a variety of muscle groups. This accelerates calorie burning to really get your heart beating.
  • In fact, circuit training is more effective at burning calories than steady cardio workouts.
  • These programs require minimal space and don’t require gym equipment.
  • It is quick and effective.
  • You can use this workout no matter what fitness level you are at or where you want to be. You will still find it effective.

The Basic Body Weight Circuit Routine for You

The basic body weight circuit workout consists of five different but easy exercises. Before you begin, make sure to do a proper warm-up as this routine can put a strain on your body. Good warm-ups include arm swings, neck rolls, leg stretches, and the like. When you are ready, you’ll do a complete round of the following five exercises, take a minute break, and then complete a second circuit.

The Workout Five

  1. 20 Jump Squats
  2. 15 Pushups
  3. 30 Jumping Jacks
  4. 15 Lying Leg Raises
  5. 10 Burpees

Try and aim to complete this workout between two to four times a week. Preferably you’ll want to go one day on and one day off to allow your body some time to rest. In the first couple weeks, you’ll likely find that two rounds of the body circuits are plenty good enough. But over time you’ll want to try and push yourself to complete a third, fourth, and perhaps even a fifth round. Just take care to not to overexert yourself the first couple times you try this or any other new workout. Once you add weight lifting or other exercises at the Northpoint Crossing fitness area, this circuit will help in prepping your body and speeding up fat loss.